Nice to know
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I create all my pages with FrontPage 2003,
nearly all of them with frames / iframes.
I use: - Internet Explorer  8.0
- text size medium
- 19" screen with resolution 1280 x 1024
- most common fonts Comic Sans MS, Maiandra GD and Verdana
Scripts from: Dynamic Drive
Cbox from:
Counter og guestbook: Cybertools
All graphics are linked to the artist or an adoptshop, either direct, via a certificate or a textlink.
If a page is closed there will be no link.
For some of my own graphics I have used free outlines found on internet.

The beginning
Ingrid's Sulkroom set the door ajar 9. February 2005.
My very first doggy page opened in 1999, at AOL. It was made by a homepage generator.
After trying AOL I had a few pages at MSN, but found it very bothersome to update.
From 2003 I had a homepage for my dogs at for three years. The layout was by Froydis
In the meantime I tried to create a little on my computer, and finally I opened The Sulkroom at It was so exciting! - Later I got my own domain.
I learn a lot, and I have loads of fun playing with my computer!